Manually install DB2 on Linux2

Iii. Update the SVCENAME parameter in DBM configuration file. You must specify the service name or port number.

Sample is as follows:


     db2 update dbm cfg using SVCENAME db2c_db2inst1


You can use the following command to check the SVCENAME:


  db2 get dbm cfg | grep SVC


C. set the tcpip to DB2COMM registry parameter. With the DB2 instance user, enter the following command:



db2set DB2COMM=tcpip

D. restart DB2:




7. Install license (this step can be ignored if the db2start has no problem)

Must be installed at each of the computers in the DB2 server license, use db2licm command

A. as root or DB2 instance user login.

B. Enter the following command


/opt/ibm/db2/V10.1/adm/db2licm -a



Among them, the filename is the absolute path to the DB2 server license file, this file generally in CD Mount plate/db2 / license directory, if the CD under the mount MNT, command format is as follows:

/opt/ibm/db2/V10.1/adm/db2licm -a /mnt/db2/license/db2ese.lic


After the installation, DB2 licenses in the/var/lum nodelock  directory.


8. Create the DB2 administration Server (DAS).

A. to have root privileges user login

B. Perform the following command to create the DAS:


opt/ibm/db2/V10.1/instance/dascrt -u DASuser


Including DASuser is created in the DAS user name of the machine


Commonly used commands:

1.    create the database

#su – db2inst1

$db2 create database test —- Create a database instance

DB20000I The CREATE DATABASE command completed successfully.

2.    Connect to the database we just created

#su – db2inst1


db2 => Connect to test user db2inst1

Enter current password for db2inst1:

Database Connection Information

Database server = DB2/LINUX 9.7.5

SQLauthorization ID = DB2INST1

Local database alias = TEST

db2 =>

3.    See the DB2 database maximum number of connections


[db2inst1@localhost ~]$ db2 get dbm cfg


          Database Manager Configuration


     Node type = Database Server with local and remote clients


 Database manager configuration release level            = 0x0a00


 CPU speed (millisec/instruction)             (CPUSPEED) = 2.834065e-07


 Max number of concurrently active databases     (NUMDB) = 8

 Data Links support                          (DATALINKS) = NO

 Federated Database System Support           (FEDERATED) = NO

 Transaction processor monitor name        (TP_MON_NAME) =


 Default charge-back account           (DFT_ACCOUNT_STR) =


 Java Development Kit installation path       (JDK_PATH) = /opt/IBMJava2-142


 Diagnostic error capture level              (DIAGLEVEL) = 3

 Notify Level                              (NOTIFYLEVEL) = 3

 Diagnostic data directory path               (DIAGPATH) = /home/db2inst1/sqllib/db2dump


 Default database monitor switches

   Buffer pool                         (DFT_MON_BUFPOOL) = OFF

   Lock                                   (DFT_MON_LOCK) = OFF

   Sort                                   (DFT_MON_SORT) = OFF

   Statement                              (DFT_MON_STMT) = OFF

   Table                                 (DFT_MON_TABLE) = OFF

   Timestamp                         (DFT_MON_TIMESTAMP) = ON

   Unit of work                            (DFT_MON_UOW) = OFF

 Monitor health of instance and databases   (HEALTH_MON) = ON







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