CICS SFS LOCK FILE 删除和 Cics region恢复使用

Last login: Mon Jul 23 17:23:48 2018 from
[root@co1 ~]# su – wasadmin
[wasadmin@co1 ~]$ cicssfslock -u /.:/cics/sfs/co1
ERZ059011W/0204: Lock file ‘/var/cics_servers/SSD/cics/sfs/co1/lock’ is held by user ‘root’.
ERZ058409E/0204: Unable to remove lock file ‘/var/cics_servers/SSD/cics/sfs/co1/lock’
[wasadmin@co1 ~]$ exit
[root@co1 ~]# cicssfslock -u /.:/cics/sfs/co1
[root@co1 ~]# su -wasadmin
su: invalid option — ‘w’
Try `su –help’ for more information.
[root@co1 ~]# su – wasadmin
[wasadmin@co1 ~]$ cicscp -v start region test01 StartType=cold
ERZ058502I/0101: RPC daemon is already running.
ERZ096122I/0264: Processing the ‘start region’ command.
ERZ096158I/0264: The region ‘test01’ is starting.
ERZ096111I/0224: Processing a start sfs_server command.
ERZ096141I/0224: Starting SFS server ‘/.:/cics/sfs/co1’.
ERZ038214I/0168: Authorization for server ‘/.:/cics/sfs/co1’ has been set to ‘none’
ERZ105102I/0029: Restart files located for server ‘/.:/cics/sfs/co1’
ERZ105107I/0034: Archives directory located for server ‘/.:/cics/sfs/co1’
ERZ038216I/0175: Subsystem ‘cicssfs.Sco1’ has been initialized.
ERZ038272I/0157: Waiting for server ‘/.:/cics/sfs/co1’ to initialise.
ERZ038219I/0179: Server ‘/.:/cics/sfs/co1’ is responding to RPCs.
ERZ038228I/0189: Server ‘/.:/cics/sfs/co1’ has been enabled.
ERZ038182I/0182: Server ‘/.:/cics/sfs/co1’ started successfully.
ERZ096113I/0231: SFS server has ‘/.:/cics/sfs/co1’ successfully started.
ERZ038216I/0382: Subsystem ‘test01’ has been initialized.
ERZ038219I/0390: Server ‘test01’ is responding to RPCs.
ERZ096126I/0276: Region ‘test01’ has successfully started.
ERZ096002I/0003: The cicscp command has completed successfully.
[wasadmin@co1 ~]$ cicscp status all
ERZ058502I/0101: RPC daemon is already running.
test sfs Stopped
co1 sfs Running
test02 region Stopped
test01 region Running
[wasadmin@co1 ~]$






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