IIS +WAS 整合4

On Install Packages, package selection, select the check box for the latest version of the IBM Installation Manager.

Click the Next button.

On Install Packages, review the International Program License Agreement and click the radio button to accept the terms if you want to continue with the installation.

Click the Next button.

On Install Packages, select a location for Installation Manager, enter an installation directory.

For example:

Z:\IBM\Installation Manager\eclipse

On Install Packages, summary information, review the summary information and click the Install button to begin the installation.

On Install Packages, if you are ready to install using the IBM Installation Manager, click the Restart Installation Manager button.

After the Installation Manager is restarted, continue to the next section in this chapter entitled: Section 3.3, “Installing an IBM WebSphere Application Server 8.5 or 8.5.5”.

3.3 Installing an IBM WebSphere Application Server 8.5 or 8.5.5

IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) 8.5 is installed through the IBM Installation Manager. Fix Pack 8.5.5 can be installed as a new installation or an update. For purposes of this procedure, all references are to release 8.5, but you can substitute 8.5.5 where applicable.

To install an IBM WebSphere Application Server 8.5:

Start the IBM Installation Manager, which you must have previously installed as described in the preceding chapter of this guide entitled: Section 3.2, “Installing the IBM Installation Manager”.

The IBM Installation Manager screen displays.

You must configure the software repository in the Installation Manager before you can start the product installation. On the initial screen of the IBM Installation Manager, navigate File > Preferences.






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