IIS +WAS 整合5

On Preferences, click on the Add Repository… button and enter the location of the repository.config for each of the product. For example:




Optionally, if needed for your installation, you should enable a proxy server and enter proxy information.

After all repositories are added, click the Install option from the Installation Manager.

IBM Installation Manager displays a list of available products, as shown in the following example:

The IBM Install Manager displays a list of available products (packages) to install.

On Install Packages, select packages, select the products you want to install such as:

WebSphere Network Deployment

SDK 1.7

Click the Next button.


Once the installation begins, the installer may prompt to inform you that updates are available.

If Updates are available, the installer will display a list as shown in this example:

If the IBM Install Manager displays a list of updates, it is recommended that you click the Select Recommended button to accept and install the updates.

On Install Packages, review the International Program License Agreement and click the radio button to accept the terms if you want to continue with the installation.

On Install Packages, select location for the shared resources directory, enter an appropriate location for IMShared. These files will be used by all IBM products installed through the Installation Manager (such as HTTP Server and Customization Toolbox).

For example:







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