IIS +WAS 整合7

On Profile Creation Summary, review the information for accuracy and click the Create button.

The progress screen is displayed. Wait for the progress to complete 100%, which may take several minutes.

Optionally, on Profile Creation Complete, you can select the check box for Launch the First steps console.

Click the Finish button.

If you chose to run First Steps, on WebSphere Application Server, First steps, select the first option, which is entitled: Installation verification.

Verify that the installation verification completed successfully. You should get the message entitled: The installation verification is complete.

Close the screen for the First steps output.

Verify that you can sign on to the Administration Console. For example:


3.5 Installing the IBM HTTP Server 8.5

The IBM HTTP Server 8.5 must be installed through the IBM Installation Manager.

In order to install the IBM HTTP server, you must have the Supplemental images in the repository, as shown in the second line item in the following screen sample.

To install an IBM HTTP Server 8.5:

Start the IBM Installation Manager, which you must have previously installed as described in the preceding chapter of this guide entitled: Section 3.2, “Installing the IBM Installation Manager”.

Click the Install option.






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