IIS +WAS 整合8

On Install Packages, select packages, click the checkboxes for the HTTP Server for WebSphere Application Server and the HTTP Server Version (8.5.x).

Click the Next button.

Review the International Program License Agreement and click the radio button to accept the terms if you want to continue with the installation.

Click the Next button.

On Install Packages, package group, click the radio button entitled: Create a new package group. In the Installation Directory field, enter an appropriate location to install the IBM HTTP Server 8.5 software. It does not have to be the same location as the shared location.

For example:


This document refers to a local IBM HTTP server installed on the same machine as the IBM WebSphere Application Server. For instructions on how to install a remote HTTP server, refer to the IBM info center:


Also note that the shared location that you defined when you installed the IBM WebSphere Application Server in the previous section cannot be changed.

Click the Next button.

On Install Packages, select the features to install, verify the package you chose is selected.

Click the Next button.

On Install Packages, configuration, complete these fields:


Specify a port for IBM HTTP Server to communicate. The default port is 80. If the default port is already in use, then change to another port that is available. Running IBM HTTP Server without root or Administrative privilege might restrict use of ports below 1024.

Run IBM HTTP Server as a Windows Service

Ensure this check box is checked.

Log on as a local system account

Normally this check box should be selected. However your network configuration may require you to specify a user with specific authority across domains or network segments. Contact your System Administrator for more information.

Startup type

Use the pulldown to choose a startup type for the Windows service. The default value is Automatic.

Click the Next button.

On Install Packages, review summary information, verify the accuracy of the selections.

Click the Install button to begin the installation of the IBM HTTP Server.






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